A framework to develop more employee autonomy

This software tool will allow you to develop your employees autonomy without leading to chaos at work. If given the correct framework and nurturing environment this goal is within reach.

A better framework for managing peple

Personalized time commitments

Allow greater work-life balance by creating unique time commitments for each employee.

Tie salary to time commitments

Create contracts which reflect employees’ estimated availability with corresponding compensation.

Keep employees accountable

The transparency dashboard allows admins and employees to view progress in real time.

Performance measurement 

Gain transparency into your employees performances with our active reports dashboard.

Frictionless management 

Employees are empowered to manage their own time. No more management for PTO, holidays, or absentees.


Prioritizing your employees personal lives is prioritizing your business.

Join the many companies leaving an outdated work paradigm and begin offering your employees flexibility.
Empower your employees to maximize their personal lives seamlessly with their work responsibilities.

Offering flextime does not mean you have to compromise on accountability.

Flexibility may sound like chaos to many business owners. With Flexx, you can breathe easy knowing that your employees are held accountable to make up their missed hours. 

  • No more missed hours falling through the cracks.
  • Frictionless management tools to help avoid toxic conversations.

How does Flexx work?

Flexx was built to help companies implement and manage the flextime model. Our unique tool empowers owners to offer flexibility without compromising on accountability, liberates HR from burdensome performance management, and entrusts employees to maximize their personal lives seamlessly with their work responsibilities.

Personalized time commitments

Capitalize on flextime by offering your employees personalized contracts built around their personal lives.

Define employee schedule preferences upfront by collecting their holiday and personal time-off preferences.

Avoid company-wide time-off and vacation policies by offering each employee their own personalized contract and vacation arrangement within your custom guidelines.

Tie salary to time commitments

As you allow your workforce to prioritize their personal lives, flexible employees may overestimate their availability to work on their contract.

Design accurate contracts by defining realistic employee availability. Collect employees estimated availability to work, salary goals, and personal time-off preferences.

Define realistic time commitments by subtracting an employee's desired personal hours from their initial estimated availability. Negotiate an employee's salary based on their realistic time commitments.

Performance measurement 

The best performance indicators for companies without defined time-based processes are time commitments.

Using time as a measurement of productivity can give owners the peace of mind knowing that their employees are spending time working, regardless if they are paid a salary or hourly.

If poor-performing employees are missing hours by the end of their contract you can hold them accountable for their missed hours.
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Keep employees accountable​

Being flexible with your employees may naturally lead to missed hours that can go unaccounted for. Ensure employee accountability with Flexx by giving them autonomy to manage their own contractual time commitments.

As employees clock in and out they have the ability to monitor their performance with their active reports dashboard.

Employee autonomy empowers employees to keep up with their time commitments and accounts for their missed hours.

Frictionless management 

Managers at flexible companies are challenged to toe the line between keeping employees happy and holding them accountable to do their job. Assist your managers and help them avoid the difficult conversations of performance management.

Flexx automates the responsibilities of performance management with customizable notifications and reporting.

Proactively engage with your employees and hold them accountable when they are truly slacking without a single uncomfortable face to face conversation.


Flexx relieves your business from all
time managment friction.


I want my company to have a great work culture. I understand human behavior and that people need a healthy work life balance. I just need my company running at maximum capacity in order to scale and pay my employees. Being lax hurts me and I wish there was a way to be flexible but not hurt my bottom line.


Manager's take

We have a tough job. Leadership wants us to foster a great workplace culture but they also don’t want us to be lax on employee commitments. This causes friction. We wish the time management tools we used would allow for these seemingly opposite tasks. We would solve half our problems if we had a way to set realistic expectations upfront.

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Employee's take

Things come up in life and it’s not easy juggling life with work. We really want to be honest and fair with our time commitments. Give us the visibility to know if we are on track with our work hours and a we will will do our part!

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Dramatically reduce the burden on HR.

Managing employee missed hours may seem like a nightmare from where you’re standing, especially during these critical times. But this new online tool will allow for scheduling flexibility and employee time management, while meeting your policies.

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